Our eBay Chess Auctions

First published: Sept 17, 2005

Last Update: Sept. 18, 2005

This short article informs about our eBay auctions and it is for users who are not familiar with eBay. We occasionally offer some chess books in eBay auctions, in both main US website http://www.ebay.com and its German version http://www.ebay.de. Regarding our auctions, there is no difference, which language version you choose - if we have some auctions, they are visible in both US and German versions. Just select your by preferable language. 

Generally about eBay  

EBay is an online auction website where people from all around the world can sell and buy various goods, products and services. EBay was founded in 1995 and is growing all the time. Ebay has local versions in about 25 countries in various languages. All these local versions are interconnected and if a seller starts an auction let us say in Belgium, all potential buyers worldwide can see his offer and take part in this auction (if the seller agrees to send abroad). You can sell/buy a match box as well as a castle. An auction is usually one week long (the seller can arrange auctions with time durations from 3 to 10 days but one week is most common). All auctions are proceeded online - the time when every auction ends is stated exactly on seconds. There are many millions items listed on eBay in any time. In time when I write this article, search for the string "chess" returned 10,995 items, of which 1,627 are listed in category Books. If you want register with eBay, everything what you need to know you find in "Help" section (in the top menu of each eBay site). I do not want discuss general principles, I only would like to explain here what to do if you are thinking to bid in our auctions.


Registration with eBay 

To bid on any auction, you need the only thing and it is to register with eBay. You must be 18+ and have correct e-mail address, that is all. Some time ago, a credit card number was requested to prevent childrens bids, however it looks like credit card is no longer necessary for buyers - at least on the US website (I am not sure about German one). The registration is free and easy. You fill out the form, choose your eBay user ID and password - your registration can be completed in few minutes. Click on the below link to learn how to register on eBay.

Basic Registration: Registering to Buy

At the bottom of this site click on "Take a guided audio tour of registration". If you agree to register with eBay, you can find the link "Register" in the top menu of each eBay site. 

If you prefer German language, click here:

Anmeldevorgand: Uebersicht

and select one of themes stated. I did not find an audio tour on German eBay but explanation in words is detailed, too.  

Note: if you register on either version, learn in the eBay Help what you can do and what is forbidden, how eBay works etc.



When you are registered, you can bid. We usually offer 5 items on US and 5 items on German server (you can see the list of all 10 items on either version). Our auctions start in about the same time, with 2-5 minute intervals. When you decide to bid, eBay will ask you for your nickname (eBay User ID) and password. Our auction are always one week long and it is important to remember that every auction ends in exactly stated time. The description of each item shows how much time is left to the end. (Official eBay time is for 8-9 hours lower than time in Central Europe). 


You win an auction - How to pay?

If you win any of our auctions, payment is very easy - you pay to our chessbookshop under same conditions as at orders made through our website (more in the "Sending and Payment" section to the left). Auction results can be recalculated in most major currencies (USDollars, Euros, Pounds etc.). You will make no payments to eBay, all eBay fees are paid by sellers. 


A few notices about "My eBay"

In the top menu of each eBay site you can find the link "My eBay" (in German version "Mein eBay") - this is your personal site and you are the only who has access to is (only for registered users, you need to fulfill eBay User ID and password to reach My eBay site. You can find many useful functions and tools in "My eBay", for example:

  • the list of all items you are bidding on, their current prices, time left, nickname of the high bidder, etc.
  • the list of all items you are "Watching" - you can "Watch" up to 100 items without bidding on them (you always can bid later). 
  • the list of all items you have won and those you did not win (history up to 60 days back).
  • you can arrange searches by keywords and save them, make the list of favourite sellers etc.


How you can reach our auctions

The site with our auctions is here:

Our eBay auctions on US server 

If you prefer German, than:

Our eBay auctions on German server

Links in the columns marked as "Item" in the US version or "Artikelbezeichnung" in German version lead to detailed item descriptions. If there are no items listed, no auctions are in progress. 

We try put in auctions interesting books or other chess related things. We try to avoid new books or such ones, which could be find in our normal listing. Almost all our auctions begin with very low start - 1 USD or 1 Euro. 

We usually arrange auctions once a month. An advice about our new eBay auctions will be on our homepage. In case, you are interesting in our listings, we will gladly advice you by an automatic e-mail sent shortly always when our auctions start. Just click on  e-mail and send. Your e-mail address will be hidden for other recipients.

If you have any questions about eBay, please write us