Czech Chess Literature 1806-1945

Czech Chess Literature 1806-1945

An annotated bibliography (by Karel Mokry)


First published: February 15, 2007

Last update: February 15, 2007


Mokry, Karel: Ceska sachova literatura 1806-1945. 

(Czech Chess Literature 1806-1945). Prostejov, self-edition, 2006, 1st edition, XXII + 170p. Cloth. 8vo. In Czech with 10-page introduction in English. Limited edition of 100 numbered copies, signed by author. An annotated bibliography of chess literature in Czech language published before 1946. The description contains 441 entries, of which 229 are books, 32 magazines and 180 chess columns in non-chess periodicals. Detailed index at the end. The book is in Czech language but includes a small Czech-English vocabulary with ca 100 most frequent terms and also the complete introduction appears simultaneously in Czech and English.


 The title means Czech Chess Literature 1806-1945 and the book is an annotated bibliography of chess books, pamphlets, magazines and chess columns in Czech language published before 1946. The book describes 441 entries, of which 229 are books, 32 magazines and 180 chess columns in non-chess periodicals. Detailed index at the end. Edition is limited to 100 copies, each of them numbered and signed by author.

It is written in Czech but the introduction is simultaneously in English, too. The complete English introduction is below as well as samples from the book. Unlike the book, there is different formatting and punctuation is filtered off (I am afraid it would be not readable in computers without Czech fonts), otherwise the text is identical as in the book.

Czech-English vocabulary
Index (sample)
Item description (samples)



More than fifty years have passed since Miroslav Soukup published the „Soupis ceskoslovenskeho sachoveho pisemnictvi“ (Bibliography of Czechoslovak Chess Literature). In his days it was an outstanding achievement and a very useful manual for collectors of chess literature, chess historians, librarians, booksellers, and chess lovers. Over the years, however, a great many new titles have appeared, which are missing from Soukup’s bibliography or their description is incomplete - this catalogue describes about 100 books and periodicals not registered by Soukup, and on many more a more precise description is supplied. The same holds for chess columns - Soukup himself gives a negligible number only, in the section Varia. A comparison with other specialized bibliographies of chess columns (Franzl 1958, Whyld 2002) reveals that here are listed about 35 titles never registered before and in scores of others more detailed data are supplied.

This list is addressed mainly at collectors of chess literature. The bibliography is comprised of chess books, booklets, other publications, periodicals as well as chess columns in non-chess magazines, all with the date of issue until the end of 1945. There are only a few exceptions, with titles given with a later date, e.g. for the sake of completeness of the edition Sachove umeni, which started in 1936 and was finished in 1947 (see numbers 93, 94 in the list).

Only those items were included in which at least a minimal part - though only the title (see e.g. number 63) - is in Czech. Books by Czech authors published in other languages are left out and equally omitted are books and magazines published in our territory in a different language than Czech. In books, booklets and other prints, only printed or reproduced by duplicating machines (e.g. by mimeograph). No manuscripts are included. In periodicals and chess columns even manuscript items are included. The bibliography does not contain the description of general encyclopedias containing the entry „chess“, and pamphlets and similar material distributed by the publisher for promotion of a particular book.

Also not included are titles from the area called by collectors „Chess in literature“ - that is various chess motifs that appear in fiction and prose. As for chess articles published in periodical non-chess literature and published outside chess columns, inclusion in the list is defined as follows: in titles with frequent periodicity (dailies to monthlies), chess articles are not included. An exception are those articles which dominate a particular issue of a periodical (e.g. number 6) or are so extensive that they could aspire to a separate publication (e.g. number 18). As regards titles with less frequent periodicity (quarterlies, yearbooks), from those that article is included that contains a chess topic, but again with the exception of the category „Chess in literature“.

More than 400 titles are described in the list and yet we can be certain that some more will turn up in due course. Probably there will be additions in the following areas: 1.) Programs of various tournaments - it is very likely that many more programs have been issued than are registered in this list. Many of them have been published in the Casopis ceskych sachistu / Ceskoslovensky sach 1906-1945. In some of them it can be assumed (e.g. from the type of the setting, which often differs from that of the remaining text in the magazine) that they were published separately. When however, we failed to find a particular copy or when in the magazine or other literature it is not explicitly said that a separate tournament program was published, such an item is not included in the list. 2.) Club and regional circulars and reports, issued in the 1930s and 1940s, often duplicated in small number of copies. 3.) Chess columns, especially in regional journals.

Notes on the method of description

In the description of the items, information is provided in the way described below. When we failed to find some data, the area is left out. When some data are generally known but are not given right in the described items, they are given in [square brackets].

Each title in the list refers to reference literature, in particular books and magazines always a reference is given to Soukup’s bibliography (Soukup) and the catalogue of the Hague Royal library Bibliotheca van der Linde-Niemeijeriana of 1955 (LN). In chess columns, a reference is always given to Franzl’s „Soupis sachovych rubrik na uzemi CSR“ (List of chess columns from Czechoslovakia) from 1958 (GP), and Whyld’s bibliography of chess columns from 2002 (Whyld) - more on these titles in reference literature. If a particular title is not registered in these fundamental works, a reference is given to further literature. Another reference is given in the case when a particular reference contains information that is of major importance for this title. Whenever possible, also a reference is given to the chess magazine, which reported the publication of the books or brought its review.

In the format of the title, height is specified, and only for unusual sizes (e.g. the width is larger than the height), both dimensions are given. The size data are mostly rounded off to the whole centimetre.

Each accessible title was personally checked by me, as to the number of pages, plates, content, etc. and also scrutinized whether it contains information on other books or periodicals. When the title was not checked in person, it is always accompanied with the note „Neprovereno” (Not examined). The note also briefly gives the content (in books) and other information thought to be of use. The description of each item in the list has the following structure:

a) For books and non-periodicals:

Nr. Author: Title.

Place of publication, name of publisher, date of publication. Edition statement. Pagination. Photos and/or number of plates. Type of binding. Note, if publication is not printed (typescript etc.). Spine measurement. Number of copies if known. Series. Reference numbers to Soukup; LN; Other reference(s).


The author is always given according to the alphabet, first the surname, then the first name. Academic titles are ignored. The name of the work is given according to the title page, unless it is said differently. When the item is without the title page, the name is given according to the cover, which is always mentioned in the description. The name of paperbacks with no cover is given from the first page.

The number of pages is always given accurately and the following rules are kept: when the book for instance has 60 pages and the title leaf is part of the numbering of the text, the number of pages is given like this: 60 pages. If the title leaf is not included in the numbering of the text (title leaf is followed by page 1), the pagination is given: Title, 60 pages.

By the „title leaf” is meant the whole sheet (that is two pages), when it is said „title page”, only the front page of the title leaf is understood. The endpapers in bound books are not included in the pagination. The pages or leaves which are not numbered, are given in round brackets. The edition number is given only when there was another edition later; otherwise, always the First edition is referred to.

The type of binding is specified whenever possible, that is whether hardbound or softbound or perhaps in both versions. This information is far from easy to obtain in some books and therefore most bibliographies avoid it. I believe, however, that this information is of importance for collectors - and for them this book is primarily meant. It can happen, however, that in some cases information on the type of the binding will have to be later corrected or supplemented. In hardbound books always the type of the binding (if known) is given, and also whether the book had a dust jacket. Softbound books are always with wrappers and without a dust jacket, unless said differently. The term „Brozovana” (soft cover) includes all books except those that have a hard binding (stitched, stapled, sewed, paperbacks).

b) For chess magazines:

Nr. Title.

Life span of the periodical, place of publication. Number of volumes. Frequency of publication. Name of publisher/owner. Size in centimeters. Reference numbers to Soukup; LN; Other reference(s).

Pagination of separate volumes including number of issues, the title page, index, plates, etc.;



c) For chess columns in non-chess periodicals:

Nr. Name of the periodical. 

Place of publication, life span of the periodical, frequency of publication.

Frequency of the chess column: dates of the column.

Name(s) and date(s) of editor(s).

Reference numbers to GP; Whyld; other reference(s).



The words from the title of the paper are always given at the beginning in capital letters. The date of issue is given in format dd/mm/rrr. Question marks refer to unknown information, e.g. the entry: ?-26/01/1910-00/06/1912 means that the column could (but not necessarily must) be published before 26 January 1910 and that it was concluded in June 1912, the exact day being not known.

Sometimes two editors ran the column at the same time - e.g. one was in charge of the problems, the other of the practical part. In problem columns their authors often made offprints, which they sent to friends and exchanged with other column editors. The existence of such offprints is not mentioned in the notes but can be assumed in most problem columns. When it was possible, the note says what was the content of the chess column. In chess columns there is always a reference to GP and Whyld (see reference literature). References to other works are only given when they are of some importance for specification of the date of issue and the like.

Interpretation of some terms used in description, abbrevations:

Celoplatena vazba - Cloth. Hardcover binding, both spine and covers are cloth. 

Cyklostyl - Typescript. Indicates that the work has been produced by typewriter as distinct from print. Then invariably reproduced by the publisher on a print duplicator. Often used at small (private) or war editions. 

Frontispis - Frontispiece. A plate with photo or illustration facing the title page.

Obal - Dust jacket.

Obalka - Wrapper of softbound items.

Obrazova priloha - (abbrev. OP); Plate. A leaf with an illustration(s), usually it is coated or better paper. Plate(s) are unnumbered within other text.

Obsah – (abbrev. O, used for magazines); Index.

Papirova vazba - Boards. Hardcover type binding, covers are from hard paper. Spine is either hard paper or cloth (if the larger area of spine is cloth, a copy is marked mostly as half-cloth).

Patitul - (abbrev. PT); Half-title. Page preceding to the title page, mostly with abbreviated title of the book.

Poloplatena vazba - Half-cloth. Hardcover binding, where either a wide area of spine is cloth and covers are hard paper, or, spine and corners are cloth and covers are hard paper.

Portret - Portrait. Kind of a frontispiece with a portrait usually of the author or player.

Predsadka - Endpaper. Either the folded sheet of paper (often marbled or coated paper) pasted to the inside of the front or back cover, or, the first or last free page of a book, usually blank, known as free endpapers.

Titulni list – (abbrev. T); Title page.


Classification into categories and the sequence of the items

The material in the list is divided into three main groups: Books and Non-Periodicals, Magazines, and Chess columns. The books are further subdivided in several categories according to their content. Below is the list of the categories:


I.     Knihy a neperiodicke publikace (Books and non-periodical publications):

Historie sachu, bibliografie (History of chess, Bibliography)

Zahajeni (Opening)

Dila vseobecna (General Works)

Koncovky a studie (Endgames and Studies)

Ulohy (Problems)

Edice Sachove umeni (Series Sachove umeni)

Biografie (Biographies)

Turnaje a zapasy (Tournaments and Matches)

Kluby, spolky (Clubs, Societies)

Rocenky (Yearbooks)

Zive sachy - partie zivymi figurami (Living Chess)

Mravoucne spisy a souvisejici literatura (Moralizations and related items)

Ostatni knihy a neperiodicke publikace (Other Books and  Texts)

II.  Sachove casopisy (Chess magazines)

III.  Sachove rubriky (Chess columns in non-chess periodicals)

Within each category, the titles are listed chronologically by the publication date. If the year is the same, the sequence is according to the alphabet of the author’s surname or the book title, when the author is not stated. Exceptions are the categories „Series Sachove umeni” (by the number within the edition), „Tournaments and Matches” (by the year of event, if there are more than one in the same year, then alphabetically by place of event), „Clubs, Societies” (alphabetically by town and when it is identical, then alphabetically by the club’s name). Chess columns are arranged alphabetically by title of the magazine or newspaper.

Czech alphabet:

The Czech alphabet is identical with English except that:

1.) “ch” is in Czech considered as one character and it is ordered between “h” and “i”.

2.) characters with a hooklet above (c, d, e, n, r, s, t, z) follow in alphabetical order same characters without hooklets (c after c, d after d, etc.).

Some websites dealing with Czech language and dictionaries:


Reference literature and literature used:

see the Czech preface

The work on the bibliography has been closed to 31 December 2004. I would like thank to all who helped me with notes or remarks as well as to my wife and son for psychological support. Any corrections or additions will be gratefully received, please contact me by e-mail at

Karel Mokry

Small Czech-English Vocabulary

a jini – and others

bez mista – no place

bez obalky – no covers

bez obalu – with no dust jacket

bez roku – no date

brozovana – softcover

celoplatena – full cloth

cyklostyl – stencilled typescript (mimeographed)

casopis – magazine

cast – part

cislo – 1.number; 2.issue

cislovany – numbered

clanek – article

ctrnactidenne – fortnightly

ctyrtazka – 4-mover

denik, denne – daily

dil – part, volume

dila vseobecna – general works

dvojcislo – double-issue

dvojtazka – 2-mover

edice – series

hrac – player

hrbet – spine

inzerce - advertising

kniha – book

komentovany – annotated

koncovky a studie – endgames and studies

list – 1.(news)paper; 2.leaf

mesicnik, mesicne – monthly

mezinarodni – international

mravoucne spisy – moralizations

naklad – edition (number of copies published)

nakladem vlastnim – self-edition

nazev – title

nazev podle obalky – cover title

nepravidelne – irregularly

neprovereno – not examined

neuveden – not stated

nevysla (nevysel) –  not issued

obal – dust jacket

obalka – cover

obeznik – circular

obrazova priloha – plate

obsah – content

okolo – about

ostatni (knihy) – other (books)

papirova (pevna) vazba – boards

partie – game

patitul – halftitle

pevna vazba – hardcover

platena – cloth

poloplatena – half-cloth

polozka – item

poznamka – note

prazdna (strana) – blank (page)

predsadka – endpaper

priloha – suplement

prirucka – manual; handbook

redaktor – editor

rocenka (-y) – yearbook(s)

rocnik – volume

rok – year

rubrika – column

s obalem – with dust jacket

sjezd – congress

strana (s., str., stran) – page(s)

studie – endgame study

svazek – volume

sachova rubrika – chess column

sachy – chess

sirka – width

tabulka – table

tisteny – printed

titulni list – title page

trojtazka – 3-mover

turnaj – tournament

tydenik, tydne – weekly

ucastnik – participant

ucebnice – textbook

UJCS – Main Czech(oslovak) chess organization

uloha (-y) – problem(s)

uverejneni – appearence, publication

uvod – preface

vanocni – Christmas

velikonocni – Easter

vazba – binding

vedl(i) – edited by, editor

viz – see

vydani – edition

vydavatel – publisher

vyska – height

vytisk – copy

zahajeni – opening

zapas – match

zpravy – news

zive sachy – living chess

zupa - region (district; county)


Sample of the index:


V rejstriku jsou uvedena:

1. jmena autoru (a to i autoru byt i jen casti knihy, napriklad predmluvy)

2. jmena hracu nebo uloharu, pokud se jedna o jejich biografii

3. jmena redaktoru sachovych casopisu a sachovych rubrik

4. nazvy knih a sachovych casopisu (anebo prvni cast nazvu)

5. nazvy edici

6. nazvy sachovych stati, pokud byly uverejneny v nesachovem tisku


Rejstrik je razeny abecedne:

8 partii velmistra Bohatyrcuka: 96, 97

100 samomatu: 74

212 sachovych studii: 58

1000 vybranych sachovych uloh za poslednich 25 let: 76

1897-1937 Cesky spolek sachovni v Olomouci: 172


-a- (=Dostal, Zdenek?): 347

a2-a4 a7-a5: 215

Adamek, Karel: 198

Allen, J. W.: 63

Almanach Sachoveho Spolku v Uherskem Hradisti: 125

Anderle, Karel: 237

Antonin Koenig. Druha cast.: 72


Balas, Frantisek: 285

Balik, Josef: 378

Barta, Jan: 123, 168, 267, 329

Base, K.: 353, 382

Batek, Alexandr: 220

Bazika, Vladimir: 122

Bazant, Jiri: 243, 244, 418, 431

Becvar, F.: 241

Belsky: 377

Berkovec, Jan: 73

Bitva na sachovnici: 44, 47

Bohatyrcuk, Fedor Parfenovic: 96, 97

Borek, Emil: 334

Bosch, Bedrich: 82, 237

Brabec, Vaclav: 125

Brada, Jaroslav: 391

Brach, Julius: 346

Brandejs, Frantisek: 152(?), 153(?)

Brnenska sachova zupa UJCS. Rady soutezi: 166, 167

(Brnenska zupa UJCS. Obeznik): 257

Brouzda, V.: 163



Introduction (Czech) ..............................V

Introduction (English)........................... XV

History of chess, bibliography.................. 3

Opening.................................................. 6

General works (manuals, middle game).... 8

Endgames and studies............................ 18

Problems............................................... 19

Series Sachove umeni............................ 26

Biographies........................................... 34

Tournaments and matches..................... 36

Clubs, societies..................................... 60

Yearbooks............................................ 68

Living chess........................................... 70

Moralizations and related items.............. 72

Other books and non-periodical texts......75

Chess magazines.................................... 79

Chess columns in non-chess periodicals.100

Small Czech-English vocabulary........... 147

Index................................................... 151

Obsah................................................. 163

Contents............................................. 164

Samples from the description

(alway first item of each chapter)


Historie  sachu,  Bibliografie

 1     Mencik, Ferdinand / [Stitny ze Stitneho, Tomas]: Knizky o hre sachove.

Praha, Matice ceska, 1879 (obalka dat. 1880). XX, 57, (3) stran. Brozovana. 19 cm. Edice Pamatky stare literatury ceske, c.VI, rada I, oddil 2. Soukup 55; LN 4235.

Prvni cast (strankovana rimskymi cislicemi), kterou napsal Ferdinand Mencik, je venovana historii a okolnostem, za kterych vznikly Knizky o hre sachove, presneji podle puvodniho nazvu Kniezky o sasiech. Blizsi informace o rukopisu uvadi Mencik na strane VII a dalsich: „..Z tehoz casu zachoval se ve videnske dvorske knihovne rukopis spisu, pojednavajiciho cesky o hre sachove (rk. c. 5293). Rukopis tento obsahuje asi 19 jinych rozprav, ktere i svou vzacnosti i obsahem jsou znamenity. Rozlicne tyto kusy, z nichz „excerptae sententiae latinae latae ab an 1384-1465“ v celku jsou nejmladsi, pochazeji od rozlicnych prepisovacu z XV. stoleti a snad jeste behem tehoz stoleti anebo pocatkem stol. XVI. svazany byly v jeden mohutny svazek o 352 papirovych listech, z nichz kazdy 30.5 cm ma delky a 20.5 cm sirky. Jak z pergamenoveho listu na deskach lze spatriti, nalezel svazek tento Jirimu Polentovi a Sudetis, rodici z Kutne Hory…“ …vracime se opetne ke „knizce o sasich“. Knizky ty zaujimaji v celku 18 listu o dvou sloupcich po 38 radcich (290-311a , nekolik listu je dvojmo. Pismo rukopisu jest uhledne. Hezkou inicialkou M pocina spisek, odstavce nasledujici stridave modrou a cervenou zacatecni pismenou“…

V druhe casti je prepis tohoto dila, napsaneho asi kratce po roce 1400 Tomasem Stitnym ze Stitneho (asi 1333 – asi 1409), s Mencikovymi poznamkami a jeho prekladem ze starocestiny. Autor rukopisu neni uveden, prave Mencik poprve v teto knize poukazal na pravdepodobne autorstvi Stitneho. Dnes je Stitny obecne uznavan jako autor dila literarnimi historiky. Stitneho rukopis se zachoval pouze v jedinem exemplari prave ve Videnske dvorske knihovne. Nema samostatny nazev, jeho prvni slova jsou: „Pocinaji se kniezky o sasiech, a co hra sachova ukazuje a uci, nebo-li co zaznamenava. Ctiz myslive.“ Jedna se o volny preklad znameho stredovekeho dila Jakuba de Cessolis „Liber de moribus hominum et officiis nobilium super ludo scacchorum“, oproti originalu vsak je v ceske verzi mnoho textu vynechano a naopak Stitny provedl nektere upravy, napriklad v chodu figur. Take veskere pridavky tykajici se Cech v puvodnim dile nejsou. Kniezky o sasiech jsou prvnim dilem o sachu v cestine, do tohoto soupisu ale zarazene nejsou, protoze se jedna o rukopis, a ne o tistene vydani. Reakce na Mencikuv preklad staroceskeho textu viz cisla 206, 207, 209 a 213.




8    Maslan, Frant[isek]: Desatero hry sachove a prehled zahajeni.

Praha, Knehyne, 1930. [1.vydani]. 16 stran. Brozovana bez obalky. 23 cm. Edice Knihovna Knehyne cislo 9-10. Soukup-; LN-; Kal-.

Kratke desatero vysvetlujici zakladni strategicke pojmy a principy a prehled vsech zahajenich s charakterizujicimi hlavnimi tahy. Zahajeni jsou rozdelena do 5 skupin - na A: Hry otevrene, B: Hry polootevrene, C: Hry zavrene, D: Hry polozavrene, E: Hry nepravidelne. V podtitulu je uvedeno „Revidoval Salo Flohr, mistr Prahy“. Autor uzil Flohrova jmena bez jeho svoleni. Flohr, ktery podle svych slov brozuru pred jejim vydanim vubec nevidel, pozadal autora, aby jeho jmeno z celeho vytisku odstranil a nahradil mu vzniklou skodu. (CR 31/08/1930). To se vsak nestalo a Flohrovo jmeno se objevuje i v podtitulu 2.vydani z roku 1931 (viz c.10).



Dila  vseobecna  (ucebnice,  stredni hra)

14    Kober, Karel Bohus: Prirucni kniha sachovni.

Praha, I. L. Kober, (1874) - na titulnim listu datovana 1875. Titulni list, (10), 240 stran. Brozovana. 20 cm. Soukup 56; LN 971.

Prvni puvodni ceska kniha. Ucebnice pro zacatecniky je rozdelena do nekolika casti: 1. cast o pohybu kamenu a zakladnich principech, v 2. casti je ukazano 53 ruznych zahajeni tabulkovou metodou, 3. cast se venuje koncovkam, 4. cast pojednava kratce o ulohach, v 5. casti je 49 partii s kratkymi komentari, v 6. casti jsou vybrane ulohy asi 20 ceskych skladatelu, posledni 7. cast obsahuje „Ruzne clanky vazne i zertovne“. Ctiva kniha psana archaickou cestinou.

Kniha je datovana na titulnim listu 1875, predmluva ma datum 16. cervence 1874 a v teto dobe kniha zrejme vysla - recenze na ni je v Deutsche Schachzeitung cislo 9 (September 1874), strana 280 (Unter vorstehendem Titel ist das erste Schachbuch in boehmischer Sprache erschienen…).  Tim je ve prospech Koberovy knihy vyresena urcita nejasnost, ktera panovala ohledne toho, zda prvni ceskou knihou je Kober anebo Valdovsky (viz nasledujici polozka).



Koncovky,  Studie

54    Dedrle, Frantisek: Studie.

Praha, Sachovni klub Dobrusky, 1925. 84 stran. a) Brozovana. b) Pevna celoplatena vazba (neprovereno). 23 cm. Soukup 29; LN 2253; MS str.63.

Prvni ceska kniha o sachove studii. Vseobecny clanek o sachove studii (s.7-14), 150 studii ruznych autoru s diagramy, datem a mistem prvniho uverejneni, resenim a komentari (s.15-64), Dedrleho clanek „Pescova koncovka“ (s.65-83). Index autoru na posledni strane.




59    [Moucka, Frantisek]: Sesty cesky turnaj ulohovy Svetozora, r. 1884.

Praha, F. Simacek, 1884. 64 stran. Brozovana. 15 cm. Soukup 114; LN-.

Prvni ceska ulohova kniha. Po titulnim listu a tabulce nazvane „Vysvetleni znacek“ uvadejici nazvy sachovych figur v 6 jazycich nasleduje vsech 30 uloh, ktere se zucastnily turnaje (vse trojtazky). Na jednom listu vzdy jedna uloha - na predni strane kazdeho listu je cislo ulohy, heslo, diagram a zadani, na zadni strane je reseni. Vitezem turnaje se stal Jan Dobrusky pred Josefem Pospisilem a Jirim Chocholousem. Diagramy jsou z beznych stocku, ale vse ostatni vcetne titulniho listu je litografovano z rucne psaneho textu, podobne jako Freytaguv casopis Sach-Mat (c.231), pouze obalka je tistena. Brozura neni vysledkem turnaje, ale byla vydana pred vyhlasenim cen a rozeslana vsem ucastnikum turnaje, kteri se sami podileli na rozdeleni cen. Svedci o tom tisteny text, ktery by ucastnikum rozeslan spolu s brozurou zacinajici: „Velecteny pane! V priloze zasylame Vam jako ucastniku sesteho ceskeho turnaje ulohoveho, vypsaneho Svetozorem, 30 konkurujicich uloh sachovych v lithografovanem sesitu, na diagramech s hesly a rozlustenimi. Ractez je dle sveho nejlepsiho uznani a dle jich hodnoty postupne za sebou dle hesel seraditi. Usudek tento, o jehoz zaslani nam nejdele do 15. prosince uctive zadame, bude nam pri udelovani cen rozhodujicim meritkem; budiz tedy pri deleni prvnich 10. mist oduvodneno…“ Text je podepsan „Redakce sachu Svetozora“, z cehoz lze usoudit na Frantiska Moucku jako autora, protoze ten byl jedinym redaktorem sachove rubriky v roce 1884. Dale je v textu uvedeno 10 pozadavku Ceske skoly ulohove, jimiz se maji ucastnici pri hodnoceni ridit. Kniha byla jiste vydana v malem nakladu, mozna jen nekolik desitek vytisku. Vzhledem k vyse uvedenemu textu neni vylouceno, ze jedinym duvodem k vydani teto brozury bylo doruceni uloh ucastnikum turnaje k hodnoceni.



Edice  Sachove  umeni

Miroslav Soukup zacal vydavat tuto edici v roce 1936, kdyz byl inspirovany Vanocni edici (Christmas series) od A. C. Whitea, proto je Soukupova edice nekdy nazyvana jako Ceska Vanocni edice (Czech Christmas Series). Vyslo celkem 17 svazku, z nichz 13 jsou limitovana vydani. Tato limitovana vydani rozesilal Soukup svym pratelum vetsinou k Vanocum, prodejna byla jen cast nakladu, a to jen u nekterych titulu. Vsechna limitovana vydani jsou velmi vzacna a na trhu se temer neobjevuji. Nelimitovana vydani byla bezne nabizena k prodeji. Pozdeji (cisla 16 a 17 edice) je zmenen nazev edice ze „Sachove umeni“ na „Vanocni edice M. S“. Nize uvedene knihy – presneji ty, ktere jsou limitovana vydani - byvaji nekdy v obalu z tenkeho pruhledneho papiru. Tento obal neni nijak potisteny ani oznaceny, proto v popise neni povazovan za obal v beznem smyslu, jak se uvadi u jinych knih.

Po roce 1948 se Miroslav Soukup sachove odmlcel a jeho dalsi osudy nejsou znamy. Nevyvijel ani uloharskou cinnost, a ac sam byl velkym sberatelem sachovych knih, nebyl aktivni ani na poli sberatelskem. Lze se jen dohadovat, jestli to bylo v dusledku komunistickeho prevratu anebo z nejakeho jineho duvodu.

77    Havel, Miroslav: Ceske granaty v miniature / Bohemian Garnets en Miniature.

Praha, Miroslav Soukup, 1936. Frontisp. (foto M. Havla), titulni list, (39), 1 prazdna stran. Pevna celoplatena vazba bez obalu. 15 cm. Naklad 50 cislovanych vytisku. Edice Sachove umeni, svazek 1. Soukup 19; LN 2784; CS 1937, str.13.

Cely text knihy s vyjimkou titulniho listu je v cestine. Po kratkem uvodu nasleduje 50 miniatur (uloh s max. 7 kameny) Miroslava Havla (1881–1958, vlastnim jmenem Miroslav Kostal), vzdy s diagramem, zadanim a uvedenim data a mista prvniho uverejneni. Miroslav Havel je povazovan za nejvyznamnejsiho zastupce Ceske skoly ulohove. Reseni uloh je na konci knihy. Z celkoveho poctu je 23 ctyrtazek, 12 petitazek, 7 trojtazek a po jedne 6-, 7- a 9-tazky. Kniha byla neprodejna, Miroslav Soukup ji rozesilal svym pratelum zdarma jako vanocni darek. Podobne jako ostatni vydani edice Sachove umeni se dnes objevuje jen vzacne. Na poslednim listu je 6radkovy text: Vytiskl / Miroslav Soukup / jako 1. svazek sve edice / “SACHOVE UMENI“ / v 50 neprodejnych, cislovanych vytiscich, / z nichz tento ma cislo. Pod timto textem je srafovane pole s rucne vepsanym cislem limitovaneho vydani. Na teze strance dole je uvedeno V Praze v prosinci 1936.




95    Distl, Bohumir: Rozmarne crty ceske a nemecke. Verse ceske a nemecke. Hudebni crty anglicke, ceske a nemecke. Sachove hry.

Praha, Krouzek Sveraz, [1914]. 124, (2) stran. 1 obrazova priloha. Brozovana(?). Soukup 31; LN-; Genza str.73; MS str.62; NKCR; ZP 04/12/1914.

Neprovereno. Anotace podle NKCR a ZP. Podle ZP je kniha je autobiografii Bohumira Distla s uvedenim jeho tvorby z ruznych oblasti, sachova cast je na str.105-122. Obsahuje kratkou biografii autora a jeho partie z let 1899-1902, jedna z roku 1913. Text knihy je zcasti cesky, zcasti nemecky, zcasti anglicky, sachova cast je asi jen v cestine. Format knihy nezjisten (8vo dle NKCR).



Turnaje  a  Zapasy

(Praha 1886, Druhy sjezd ceskych sachistu)

99    Pozvani Ceskeho spolku sachovniho v Praze ke druhemu sjezdu ceskych sachistu v Praze 1886.

Brozovana. Soukup str.19; LN-.

Neprovereno. Anotace podle Soukupa. Asi program turnaje. Blizsi informace nejsou znamy.



Kluby,  Spolky

(Brno, Brnenska sachova zupa UJCS)

166    Brnenska sachova zupa UJCS. Rady soutezi.

Brno, [Brnenska sachova zupa UJCS, 1936]. 35 stran. Brozovana (bez obalky?). Soukup-; LN-; Kal 13.

Neprovereno. Dalsi informace nejsou znamy. Anotace podle Kalendovskeho.




193  Kautsky, V[aclav]: Kalendar ceskych sachistu 1917.

Praha, nakladem vlastnim, 1917. 64, (4 inzerce), (12) stran prazdnych tabulek, diagramu a partiaru, (12) prazdnych stran. Nekolik foto v textu. a) Pevna hnedocervena celoplatena vazba bez obalu. b) Pevna fialova papirova vazba bez obalu. 15 cm. Soukup 49; LN 5910; CCS 1917, str.56.; ZP 25/04/1917

Z obsahu: Stanovy UJCS, turnajovy a hraci rad, zakladani spolku, vzorne stanovy klubove, rad pro klubove a korespondencni turnaje, losovaci tabulky, seznam ceskych sdruzeni sachovych, Ceska literatura sachova 1907-1916, prehled sachovych udalosti 1915-1916, adresar ceskych sachistu, Galerie ceskych sachistu (Jan Dobrusky, Ladislav Cimburek, Karel Fiala, Josef Patzelt [Paclt], Josef Pospisil, kratke biografie s fotografiemi), obeti svetove valky. Celoplateny vytisk byl proveren jen jeden - v tomto nebylo na konci 12 prazdnych stran. Z daneho vytisku neslo urcit, jestli strany byly dodatecne vytrzeny anebo jestli verze v platene vazbe byla vydana bez techto prazdnych listu.



Zive  sachy

197    [Dobrusky, Jan]: Partie sachova provedena se zivymi figurami na Narodopisne vystave ceskoslovanske dne 15. zari 1895.

Praha, 1895. Nestrankovano. Brozovana (?), asi bez obalky. Soukup-; LN-; Kal 24; CS 1938, str.120.

Neprovereno. Partie zivymi figurami s komentari, predstavujici boj u Vilemova mezi vojsky Jiriho z Podebrad (bile figury) a uherskeho krale Matyase (cerne) 27. unora 1469. Partie konci vitezstvim vojska Jiriho z Podebrad (matem v 31. tahu). Viz take cislo 198 katalogu. Ziva partie byla pro velky uspech opakovana v roce 1897 (viz c.199) a s prehozenim tahu take na V. Vsesokolskem sletu v roce 1907 (viz c.200, 201). Informace o autorstvi Dobruskeho viz CS 1938, s.120 a take Zmatlik / Duras: Sachy. Praha 1909, str.165 (viz c.22, 23). Anotace podle Kalendovskeho.



Mravoucne  spisy  a  souvisejici  literatura

203  Hlasatel Cesky. Spis ctwrtletnj k prospechu a potessenj wssech wlastencu. Prvnj rocnj beh, 1806. Djl tretj.

Praha, Jan Negedly u Bohumila Haase, 1806. 160 stran (s.319-478). Brozovana. 16,5 cm. Soukup str.18 poznamka; LN-; Kal-; SPK-.

Strana 551-571: Jungmann, Jozeff: Hra w ssachy. Jungmannovo dilo je prvnim ucelenym ceskym tistenym sachovym textem. Je kompilaci prekladu z nekolika zdroju, opira se hlavne o „Morals of Chess“ Benjamina Franklina. Dilo Hra v sachy vyslo i nekolikrat pozdeji, zpravidla v ramci Jungmannovych spisu (viz cisla katalogu 204, 205, 212), jeho cast vysla i samostatne (viz c.208).

Ctvrtletnik Cesky Hlasatel vydaval Jan Nejedly (Negedly, doktor prav a profesor ceske literatury) v letech 1806-1808 a 1818, vysly celkem 4 rocniky. Jungmannova stat vysla v 3. cisle prvniho rocniku. Cely 1.rocnik (Prvnj rocnj beh) ma 644, (4) stran a jednu rozlozitelnou prilohu (notovy zapis). Kazde ze 4 cisel ma svuj vlastni titulni list. V textu je avizovan i druhy rocnik na rok 1807 a tento mel vychazet na „beznem“ a zaroven na lepsim, „postovskem“ papiru. Jestli i rocnik 1806 vychazel soubezne na dvou druzich papiru, neni jasne.



Ostatni  knihy  a  neperiodicke  publikace

214  Retsch, M.: Sachari: Smysslenka a wyobrazenj dle M. Retscha [sic] od Koruna: S vyswetlugjcjm textem.

Praha, J. Rudl, 1842. 18 stran. Brozovana. Format nezjisten (pricna 12mo). Soukup-; LN-; Kal-; SPK-; NKCR; Zibrt str.4.

Neprovereno. Hlavnim tematem dila je kresba, jejimz autorem je Friedrich August Moritz Retzsch (1779-1857, psano spravne se „z“, nekdy uvadeneho s pridomkem „von Koruna“), znamy jako ilustrator Shakespearovych del. Predstavuje satana hrajiciho sachy s mladym muzem, v pozadi prihlizi andel. Original je umisten v Drazdanech, tema kresby se stalo pozdeji predmetem castych diskuzi (co ma obraz predstavovat, jaka je pozice na sachovnici, kdo je onen mlady muz). V roce 1835 vysla v Drazdanech brozura „Die Schachspieler. Zeichnung von Moritz Retzsch. Nach dessen Andeutungen erläutert von C. Borromaeus von Miltitz“, ktera vyjev vysvetluje. Pozdeji byla pozdeji vydana i v nekolika dalsich vydanich a jazycich. Jedno z nich vyslo v nemcine v Praze 1842 s nazvem „Die Schachspieler, eine Allegorie“ (autori podle NKCR M. Retsch a J. Rudl, vydavatel M. J. Landau, 18 stran), ale misto von Miltitze je jako autor slovniho textu uvedeny Josef Rudl (van der Linde uvadi Rüdl). Anotace zde popsane ceske verze je uvedena podle NKCR, je treba ale existenci ceske verze potvrdit na konkretnim vytisku v Narodni knihovne anebo jinem, pokud se objevi, protoze popis exemplare Narodni knihovny nepusobi uplne verohodnym dojmem (Rudl je uvedeny jak vydavatel, kdezto u nemeckeho vydani ze stejneho roku je uveden jako autor; Landau, ktery nemeckou verzi v Praze vydal, v popisu u ceske neni zminovan; v popise polozky neni specifikovan jazyk; jmeno umelce je uvedeno jako Retsch misto Retzsch - to muze byt bud chyba vydavatele anebo naopak chyba pri popisu knihy). V Narodni knihovne ma polozka signaturu „I 154633“ nebo „54 J 001805“. Zibrt k obsahu tohoto dila nespravne udava, ze se jedna o knihu mravoucneho obsahu, podobne jako Jungmannova „Hra v sachy“.



Sachove  casopisy

230  Sachy.

Okolo 1864, Praha. Vydava Josef Paclt. Soukup-; LN-; Kal-; SPK-; CCS 1916, str.155.

Asi 1864:                 pocet vydanych cisel ani stran neni znam.

Neprovereno. Dnesni existence nejista. Obsah podle Karla Traxlera ulohy, teoreticke clanky, historicke drobnosti aj. Rucne psany studentsky casopis, vychazel nejdrive samostatne, pozdeji sloucen s rucne psanym casopisem Antonina Kvicaly „Vitez“ (viz nasledujici polozka). Blizsi informace nejsou znamy.

231  Vitez.

Okolo 1864, Praha. Vydava Antonin Kvicala. Soukup-; LN-; Kal-; SPK-; CCS 1916, str.155.

Asi 1864:                 pocet vydanych cisel ani stran neni znam.

Neprovereno. Dnesni existence nejista. Obsah podle Karla Traxlera ulohy, teoreticke clanky, historicke drobnosti aj. Rucne psany studentsky casopis, vychazel nejdrive samostatne, pozdeji sloucen s rucne psanym casopisem Josefa Paclta „Sachy“. Po slouceni casopisu je vydavatelem zrejme Antonin Kvicala. Blizsi informace nejsou znamy.

232  Sach-Mat (necislovana vydani).

1884, Praha. Vychazi v ramci Ceskeho spolku sachovniho. 28 cm. Soukup (1); LN-.

1884:                  4 nebo 5 necislovanych vydani, pocet stran neni znam.

Provereno pouze jedno cislo z 15.kvetna 1884. Predchudce prvniho ceskeho casopisu (viz dalsi polozka), ktery s nim uzce souvisi, ale kvuli vetsi prehlednosti je Sach-Mat rozdeleny do dvou polozek. Ma to i sve fakticke opodstatneni - tato polozka byla zamyslena jako jakysi informacni bulletin Ceskeho spolku sachovniho, kdezto casopis Sach-Mat ma ambice oslovit sirsi ctenarskou obec vcetne mimoprazskych zajemcu. Predchudce Sach-Matu  vychazel ve stejne forme a obsahu jako nasledny casopis - volne listy bez obalky, hektografovany z rucne psaneho textu. Rozdil mezi timto listem a naslednym casopisem byl v tom, ze necislovana vydani byla hektografovana, kdezto casopis litografovany. Ve skutecnosti by vsak jen znalec v oboru by u tohoto titulu poznal, co je hektografie a co litografie (kamenotisk), rozdil je minimalni.

Neni jasne, jestli vyslo 4 nebo 5 cisel. Pokud byl Sach-Mat citovan v literature (Prokop, Genza, MS, aj.), uvadelo se vzdy, ze vysla celkem 4 tato neoznacena cisla. Je ale mozne, ze techto obezniku cisel vyslo celkem pet. Tuto moznost podporuje i fakt, ze v „Listarne“ casopisu Sach-Mat cisla 3 z 15. 7. 1884 na strane 16 je na (v casopise neotistenou) otazku jednoho ze ctenaru uverejnena tato odpoved: „Prvni cislo Sach-Matu (v puvodnim hektografovanem vydani vyslo 5, jez se v jedno litografovane slouci) dodame Vam dodatecne jako vsem venkovskym pp. odberatelum, behem as dvou mesicu“. Casopis Sach-Mat cislo 1 vysel skutecne dodatecne, ale obsahoval jenom malou cast techto necislovanych vydani.

Presna data, kdy necislovana vydani vychazela, se nepodarilo zjistit. Cesky spolek sachovni byl zalozen 20. brezna 1884 a prvni hraci den (jourfixe) se konal 28.brezna (Prokop str.73). Prvni cislovany casopis Sach-Mat vysel 4. cervna 1884 (cislo 2, cislo 1 bylo vydano dodatecne 1.srpna), mezi temito dvema daty zrejme vysla vsechna necislovana vydani casopisu. Jedine cislo, ktere se podarilo proverit, je z 15. kvetna 1884. To ma v zahlavi uvedeny rok 1884 a dale poznamku „Vychazi o kazdem jourfixu. Jourfixe dne 15.kvetna“. Ma 8 stran a obsahuje Mazeluv clanek „Pismena L“, komentovane partie cislovane jako 9-12, koncici hry cislo 6-7, ulohy cislo 11-13, Listarnu a Spolkove zpravy. Prispevky jsou psany nejmene tremi ruznymi rukopisy, vydavatel ani redaktor nejsou uvedeni, je pravdepodobne, ze redaktorem byl i zde Vilem Freytag. V naslednem casopisu v cisle 1 se potom objevuji nektere partie a ulohy z tohoto cisla (byt s jinym cislovanim), neobjevuje se tam vsak napr. Mazeluv clanek „Pismena L“.



Sachove  rubriky

 262  28. Rijen.

Praha, 1919-04/12/1926. Denik.

Sachy tydne, od konce zari 1925 denne: 00/01/1924-00/00/1926.

Vedl Frantisek Josef Prokop po celou dobu rubriky.

GP 41; Whyld str.7; SS 1925, str.18; MZK.

Neprovereno. Obsah: partie, studie, zpravy, mene ulohy. V roce 1926 zmenil nazev na „Novy 28. Rijen“, list zanikl koncem roku 1926.

 263  A-Zet.

Praha, 02/01/1929-31/08/1944. Denik.

Sachy denne: 00/00/1931(?) a mozna i pred a po 1931.

GP 1; Whyld str.7; MZK.

Neprovereno. Jiny nazev casopisu take „A-Zet Ceske Slovo“.

 264  Besedy Casu.

Praha, 1895-1914. Tydenik.

Sachy tydne: 17/01/1909-10/04/1910.

Vedl Frantisek Sova po celou dobu rubriky.

GP 3; Whyld str.45.

Priloha k deniku Cas. Obsah: partie, kompozicni sach, zpravy. V r.1909 rubrika v cislech 3-52, v r.1910 v c.3-8,10,12-14 (v c.1, 2, 9, 11 rubrika nevysla). Rubriky jsou cislovany od 1 (17/01/1909) do 60 (10/04/1910). Jmeno F. Sovy uvedeno v zahlavich rubrik c.1-41. Celkem uverejneny partie c.1-151 (+ jedna bez cisla), ulohy 1-74, studie 1-3 a sachovy zert (1)-2. Zpravy vychazely do 21/03/1909 - dale jen ulohy a partie, zpravy byly uverejnovany v hlavnim liste Cas (viz c.268). Zpravy se ale znovu objevuji od rubriky c.49 z 19/12/1909.



 441  Ztec.

Praha, ?-1943-?. Ctrnactidenik.

Sachy 14denne: 00/01/1943-15/12/1943-?

Vedl Jan Kuzelka.

GP 229; Whyld str.510; Havel str.158 (c.1030), str.187 (c.1048); MiG (sv.2 - Jelinek) c.6; Sach 1942, str.32.

Neprovereno. Obsah: ulohy, studie. 26 uloh do 15/12/1943. Uloha cislo 6 byla 30/05/1943.